Things You Need to Know About Breast Lift

  Breast lift , also known as Mastopexy , is a type of surgery meant to reposition your nipples, to remove excess skin from the area, and to tighten the surrounding tissues. A common method, though not accurate but often recommended to determine whether you need breast lift or not is to place a pencil under the breast and check if it falls down. If it does not and gets stuck below your breast, then you may consider meeting a surgeon specializing in breast lift. More often if you are not satisfied with the way your breasts stand on your chest or if your breasts have become flat and droopy, and if your areolas have enlarged in size, then breast lift may be an option to restore and enhance the contours of your breasts. Ptotic or droopy and saggy breasts may be the results of pregnancy, breast feeding, weight changes, aging, genetics, and other factors. Sometimes, gravity may also drag your nipples down and make them droopy. The procedure of breast lift can be as a daycare procedure

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