Three Factors Which Affect Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Delhi

hair transplant surgery in delhi

Has it been a long time that you have been facing the problem of hair loss or baldness? Are you considering undergoing hair transplant surgery in Delhi? If yes then there might be several thoughts flashing your mind.  Finding the exact hair transplant surgery cost in Delhi can be difficult because it depends on several factors. Read on to know about a few factors which affect the cost hair transplant surgery in Delhi.

Number of hair strands to be transplanted – It is one of the main factors which influences the cost of hair transplant surgery. In case several hair strands have to be transplanted then the cost of surgery will increase. In most of the cases, best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi quotes the price on the number of strands to be transplanted. 

Surgical methods – There has been noticeable advancement in the medical world which has paved way for different techniques for hair transplant. Scalp expansion, flaps, mini grafts and DHT/FUE are some of the major techniques for hair transplant. All these methods have different rates. And, the latest procedure for hair transplant treatment in Delhi will be costlier in comparison to the traditional or older ones.

Experience and qualification of the surgeon – Do not compromise while selecting the best hair transplant treatment surgeon in Delhi. Success of hair transplant surgery, to a great extent, depends on the experience, expertise and qualifications of the surgeon you are selecting. Look for a board certified surgeon who has been performing hair transplant surgery for past many years.  Before choosing the surgeon, visit and consult him as it will help you make the right decision. You might have to do research to look for cosmetic who offers reasonable hair transplant surgery cost in Delhi.
Above slated are three factors which affect the cost of hair transplant surgery in Delhi