Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi – Things You Should Know

breast lift surgery in delhi

In the picture perfect society of modern day, an increasing number of women are undergoing the knife for re-contouring and raising sagging breasts. Weight fluctuations, gravity, life changing events such as pregnancy and aging are a few reasons which can cause breast drooping. This can affect your overall appearance and looks.  Breast lift surgery in Delhi can make a huge difference to your sagging and loose breasts making them firm and restoring youthful volume. The demand for breast lift surgery has been a trend for last few years. 


Medically known as mastopexy, this cosmetic procedure is performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon. In this surgical procedure, excess skin is removed and surrounding tissues are tightened. This procedure also helps in reducing the size of enlarged areolas while moving nipples to a higher position giving them youthful and natural appearance. Given that this surgery does not aim at changing the size of your breasts, it is usually performed as a combination procedure with breast reduction or breast augmentation.  

Who is the right candidate for this surgery?

This surgery is a blessing for women whose breasts are flatter, pendulous and lacks volume. Women who are anxious and worried because of their deformed and sagging breasts can experience great respite. If there is no firmness or substance in breasts then this surgery can help regain lost shape and size. Nipples which fall below the starting of breast creases or point downwards can be repositioned or corrected through this cosmetic procedure. The breast skin which has stretched and areolas that have enlarged or widened can be restored to their original shape through this surgical procedure. Women who have asymmetrical breasts that is one breast is lower than the other; mastopexy is just the right option.  

It is important for you to know that breast lift surgery is not the right option for everyone. Only those women who are close to their ideal weight and are physically healthy should consider undergoing this surgical procedure. As well, women who have realistic expectations and do not smoke can consider this procedure only after consulting breast lift surgeon in Delhi. It is only after examining a patient that surgeon would recommend the right approach for treating the condition.

There are several factors which affect and determine the breast lift surgery cost in India. Fees of the surgeon along with cost of medications, surgical and clinical facility, post-surgical garments, whether surgery would be performed as standalone procedure or combination of surgeries and costs during recovery period are some factors which determine overall surgery cost. 

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