Gynecomastia Surgery for Male Breast Reduction to Have Flat Chest

male breast reduction gynecomastia surgery in Delhi

Gynecomastia Surgery in these modern days is made with liposuction method and some other techniques to take away excess fat deposition from men’s breasts to provide a flat and mescaline look to their chests.

The technological development in the process of liposuction allows surgeons to utilize less invasive techniques for men’s breast reduction that cause less amount of cuts and scars for removal of excess fat depositions in the areas. At the same time particular skills and experience of a gynecomastia surgeon to use liposuction for men’s breast reduction surgery is also crucial. Thus we need to rely on expert and experienced surgeons only that are well versed with this process.

Gynecomastia treatment using liposuction involves use of local anesthesia to null the sensation in the chest area for pain reduction. Then male breast reduction surgeon would perform small incisions on both the sides of chest. Depending on specific need of a patient and the technique used by the surgeon these small incisions can be located along the portion of edge of areola or may be within the armpit adjacent to chest. These incisions would allow the cosmetic surgeons to remove excess fat or glandular tissue and simultaneously allow them sculpting a new look to chests that would look natural to their body shape.

Tissue excision is another treatment for male breast reduction if the problem is severe due to sagging and stretched skin along chest. Tissue excision is method that allows the surgeons for higher removal amounts of fats, skins and glandular tissues than that of liposuction. So, if the amount of excessive skin and fat is more that cannot be removed through liposuction alone, this procedure is suggested by surgeons for better results.

In this surgery incisions are around edges of areola or within natural creases of chest so that the scars would be minimal. Thus surgeons can extract more amounts of fat, glandular tissues to get a flat shape of breasts.

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